These resources have been produced by 2030Yea with generous grants from some of our supporters.

In these pages, you will find videos below. You will also find:

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Climate Adaptation

This project was funded by the DELWP Community Mini-grant Program, a part of Climate Ready Hume, a Victorian Government initiative, aiming to support positive climate change activities and action. Read more about how the Victorian Government is supporting action on Climate Change.

Regenerative Agriculture

Healthy agriculture has the potential to bury large amounts of carbon for long periods. Tom Abbottsmith-Youl is the latest generation to steward the land at Graceburn Farm – Tom’s Paddock. He implements and manages the farm’s regenerative agricultural systems to provide locals with ethically produced food. Tom talks about how he is using regenerative farming methods at Tom’s Paddock.

Community Gardens

Food waste is a major problem in Australia as it results in methane emissions which are far more potent and polluting than CO2. However, food waste is a valuable resource when it is turned into compost or worm castings for your garden. Rebecca Bowles, who managed the Yea Community Garden while she was a Murrindindi Shire Councillor, talks about the benefits of the Yea Community Garden and how the composting project kept food waste out of landfill.

Home Energy Efficiency

There’s not much point in using efficient appliances or renewables if your house can’t keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Using renewables is important, but first we need to maximise energy efficiency. Tim Forcey is an accredited Scorecard assessor who conducted an energy assessment of Kerry and Peter Tull’s home in Limestone. A home efficiency assessment covers areas such as heating and cooling, lighting, pools and spas, window size and orientation, air leakage, wall and ceiling insulation, hot water systems and the use of curtains and blinds.

As a part of this project, 2030Yea also presented several talks for the community at the Yea Library. Here are two of them:

Choosing Renewables

RACV Solar guides viewers through making informed choices regarding renewables.

Home Energy Efficiency

Ron Litjens and Elaine Furniss talk about how to increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce power bills.

Talks at the Yea Wetlands Discovery Centre

Thanks to a grant from DELWP Hume, 2030Yea and Yea Wetlands Discovery Centre collaborated to present three community talks in April and May 2022.

Fern Hames

Leadership lessons from penguins

Fern Hames is the Director of DELWP’s Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research (ARI), one of Victoria’s leading ecological science organisations. She spoke about the institute’s climate change research and also her part in Homeward Bound. This group sponsors leading young female scientists from around the globe to view results of climate change where they are most dramatic, in Antarctica, while providing leadership training.

Saul Griffith

The Big Switch

Dr Saul Griffith, founder of Rewiring Australia, talks about his new book The Big Switch, where he explains exactly what it would take to transform Australia’s infrastructure, update our grid, and adapt our homes while saving households money.

Glen Morris and Lucinda Flynn

Energy efficient and Sustainable Communities

Glen Morris is the General Director of Smart Energy LabSolarquip Renewable Energy Solutions, and Solaris and road tests much of Australia’s renewable hardware. He will be joined by Lucinda Flynn who runs Going Green Solutions. She’s worked in the sustainability and energy efficiency industry for more than 10 years and will talk about all the things Yea residents can do to make their homes more energy efficient and sustainable, no matter their budget.